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A dedicated HR professional isn't a luxury for startups anymore, it's essential. It's common for entrepreneurs to start out their business wearing the HR hat but looking after HR and the complexities of employment law isn't effective time-management and can be a drain on your resources. It's costly for the business when something goes wrong.

Having a dedicated HR professional by your side, to look after employee-related matters, will keep your business compliant and your employees more productive and engaged.

Don't let HR complexities hold back your startup's growth. Partner with me and together we will optimize your business growth.

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I'm a skilled and highly collaborative HR professional, with 15+ years of experience with global startup companies, leading them all the way to success. As the leading HR function, I specialize in setting up HR operations and processes from scratch in early stage startups (Pro Seed to B round).

I am well experienced with all HR aspects: Hiring both locally in Israel and globally (Americas, Europe and APAC), leading recruitment processes with a lot of creativity end to end. Throughout my career, I have worked with colleagues from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Having relocated to Singapore for 4 years (2018-2022) and worked at local startups there, I gained invaluable experience and insights into the complexities of managing a global workforce.

I am familiar with global employment practices, labor law and employee engagement. My hands-on approach in executing the organizational vision -  make me ideally suited to contribute to a company that is designed to grow.  

I am passionate about HR, combining my love for people and understanding of organization's business needs. I have strong work ethics and am constantly thinking how I can contribute more to the startup's growth.

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Taking your business to the next level

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Outsource hiring solutions - from the Philippines

I partner with a global outsource company in the Philippines in order to help you recruit experienced employees as a remote team. This service offers hiring professionals in the fields of QA, Customer Success, Lead Generation, SDR, Marketing, and more. 

This will allow you flexibility and to be cost effective with your hiring budget. 

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Career coach for job seekers in high tech

One on one mentoring sessions to discuss your past career choices, your dreams and aspirations. We will focus on taking a proactive approach in order for you to reach your career goals and full potential by identifying and mapping your strengths and the things that give you meaning and purpose. We will improve your resume and Linkedin profile, discuss how to tell your story in a productive way and how to be better prepared for interviews and negotiations.

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HR services for startups

Meet the changing needs of your business, from recruiting the first employees in each site, to onboarding strategies and engagement plans. Producing the required HR policies and procedures and improving internal work interfaces, organizational development and mentoring to managers.


Yaron Kalish, CEO, Idomoo

"Maya played a pivotal role in Idomoo's early growth as the first HR leader to join our company right after we closed the A round. I had the privilege of working closely with Maya for five exciting years, during which she spearheaded the company's expansion by setting up teams abroad and driving our business forward. She was always a committed and attentive to both employees and business needs with great care and professionalism"

Itzik Frid, CEO and Managing Partner at Takwin Ventures

"Maya is an exceptional HR professional whom I had the pleasure of working with directly for years. During our work together, she became the closest person to me and the most helpful, discrete, smart, and balanced advisor to brainstorm with. She always went above and beyond to ensure that her responsibilities were fulfilled and her commitment to the company's success was unwavering"

Amir Klipper, QA Director & Mentor

"Maya's ability to listen, analyze situations and give the best advice helped me a lot in my personal development as a manager. The work with her was always carried out in a professional, pleasant and open atmosphere. She helped me in recruitment processes and in developing great working relationships with my team and also with the company's management. Her good advice accompanies me even today"
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